Spin / Strike Zone

Spin Zone

We are the only spin classes in town. We offer combination cardio strength / spin (indoor cycling) classes as well as spin only classes. The spin classes consist of interval and endurance rides to music. Great non-impact workout and perfect for beginners to advanced spinners. First class is free to try. Come join us in the Spin Zone.

Kickboxing/Strike Zone

We are the only kickboxing classes in town. We offer classes for beginners to advanced. Our classes consist of the art of a mix of martial art based punches, strikes and kicks on heavy to soft bags. Please bring your own gloves. We do have loaners for first time users. First class is free to try. Come join us in the Strike Zone.

Primary Instructor is Vickie Knox. She has taught Spin and Kickboxing classes for the past 5 years. She incorporates her marathon training regimen into all of her classes. You will get a complete total body workout with all of her classes. She has a black belt in Hapkido, coaches High School Cross Country and is passionate about her students reaching their fitness goals in a safe and class friendly environment.

For questions about classes she can be reached at info@martialartconceptsfallbrook.com

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