Start Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9:00am Adult/Senior - KB All Ages - SDF Adult/Senior - Tai Chi Spin Bike Open Floor - Members Only
10:00 am Tiger Tot/Jr/Teen - HK
3:30 pm Tiger Tot/Jr - HK Tiger Tot/Jr - KB Tiger Tot/Jr - Sparring Tiger Tot/Jr - KB Tiger Tot/Jr - HK KB - Kick Boxing
HK - Hapkido
4:30 pm Jr/Teen - HK Jr/Teen - HK Jr/Teen - Grappling Jr/Teen - HK Test - Tiger Tot/Jr CC- Cardio Circuit
SDF - Self Defense Fitness
5:30 pm Teen/Adult - HK Teen/Adult - HK Teen/Adult - Sparring Teen/Adult - HK Test - Teen/Adult AH- Advanced Hapkido
Spin Bike Spin Bike Spin Bike Spin Bike
6:30 pm Teen/Adult - KB Teen/Adult - CC Teen/Adult - KB Teen/Adult - AH

Martial Arts:

Tiger Tots: 5-7 • Junior: 8-12 • Teen: 13-17 • Adult: 18- up • Senior: 65 -up

Program Info:

Traditional Martial Arts: (Adult/Senior and Youth Unlimited Membership)

Our Traditional Martial Arts Program is based on the traditional Korean art of Hapkido. As a participant in this program you will learn a fascinating art that incorporates hand strikes, kicks, grappling, joint locks and submissions. The application of dynamic movements and self-discovery of internal strength along with the discipline learned in Hapkido classes will serve you in all aspects of your life.

Tiger Tots: (5 through 7 yrs. Unlimited Membership)

This is our martial arts program design specifically for the 5 to 7 years old student. The emphasis of this program is to build coordination, a love for exercise and a strong moral code of conduct. This is achieved using the basic movements of Hapkido as the pathway to a healthy life.

TKD - Fit: (Youth-Adult)

Based on the Olympic sport of Taekwondo, this class builds strength, flexibility, and CARDIO. Participants in this class also become proficient kickers and hand strikers. No uniforms, belts or testing in this class.

Cardio Kickboxing and Fitness Boxing: (Youth-Adult)

This class is blast! You will develop strength, cardio, self-defense ability and tone your entire body at the same time. No uniforms, belts or testing or competition in this class

Spin Bike: (Adult/Senior)

Group indoor cycling at its best. Excellent certified instruction, rockin tunes in a clean modern environment adds up to one of the best calorie burning cardio workouts in existence. We also mix it up with added core and fitness boxing to keep things interesting.

Tai Chi: (Adult/Senior)

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art form, consisting of slow relaxed movements for total self-development. For the body, it cultivates Chi (or life force energy), as well as increases muscle strength, balance, and flexibility. For the mind, it is a study in concentration and will power. For the soul, it is a system of spiritual meditation. Tai Chi is also a preventative and curative system of Chinese medicine.

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